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Voice overs for private & government clients,
commercial narrations, radio personality


Voice Over Artist 

I am Donald Jackson, founder of The Best Voice Talent.

I have been fulfilling my ambition to make a career in voice acting and showcase my talent across the globe. I specialize in doing voiceovers for a diverse clientele, including private, commercial, government, and international organizations.

Are you the head of a video production company seeking a professional voice actor to bring all aspects of your work together easily and efficiently? Or a company who needs a virtual operator to voice their Interactive Voice Response (IVR)? A documentary or film producer who wants a charismatic narrator to present their plot to the audience? Or the director of an educational brand looking for some professional input to create a magical E-learning experience for students through your new explainer video? Contact me!

Driven By Passion

As an dependable voice artist, my talent lies in my unique ability to grab the audience's attention within a very short period. I understand the importance of merging my character with the roles that are offered to me. That helps me communicate what the character feels while introducing humor with a regional flavor to which the audience can relate.

I love embracing the challenge of enrapturing the audience with my voice without actually being on stage. Doing voiceovers gives me the freedom to play with the lines and showcase my creativity without being encumbered by the cameras.

The Best Voice Talent
The Best Voice Talent

What sets me apart

My versatility and authenticity as a voice actor make me stand out from the competition in this ever-growing industry.