About Me

Ex-Military Background

As a retired military veteran with 26 years of experience, I bring a background of positive traits, including a go-getter attitude and a strong work ethic to the voice acting industry.

I served in the U.S. Army from 1972 through 1994. I was recalled out of retirement in 2009, and served on active duty until 2013.

The Best Voice Talent
The Best Voice Talent

Academics & Training

As a Bachelor's degree holder in sociology, I previously served as a special education middle/high school teacher. After graduating from ‘Such a Voice’ training company, and The John Casablanca Modeling Agency, I enrolled in The Recording Radio Film Connection & Casa Schools (RRFC)and graduated with a certificate as an Audio Engineering/Producer.

I have also enjoyed a part-time career as an actor/model.

My credits include Season 4 House of Cards, Jackie, Criminals Behaving Badly, and several Homeland Security and Active Shooter videos.

Other Special Skills

 My expertise in different music genres, including Gospel, Jazz, Pop, Rhythm and Blues, Soul, and Swing, help me excel in various sectors of the voice acting industry.

The Best Voice Talent